MicroStrategy, Coinbase, Grayscale and Co .: Bitcoin Festival announced

MicroStrategy entered the Bitcoin business early under CEO Michael Saylor.

Now the listed company is holding a Bitcoin Festival – and is calling other large institutional players on the scene

When it comes to innovative tech CEOs, the general public thinks of Elon Musk first. But when it comes to crypto, even MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor cannot hold a candle to it. Because while the Tesla boss tweets about Doge Coins, Saylor not only holds almost 18,000 Bitcoin himself, which he bought at an average rate of around 10,000 US dollars. He steered his company towards BTC last year. In August last year alone, MicroStrategy invested $ 250 million in the cryptocurrency. Thus Micrsostrategy earned its place as a company of the month in the crypto compass -Issue 9/2020. In the whole of 2020 it was around one billion US dollars, as also reported by BTC-ECHO .

With spending like this, MicroStrategy isn’t just one of the institutional investors who’ve gotten big into Bitcoin – it tops the list

It is only fitting that MicroStrategy is now organizing a Bitcoin Festival under the direction of Michael Saylor and streaming many virtual presentations on the subject of Bitcoin live. You can register on the official website of the “Bitcoin for Corporations” festival. Michael Saylor and the MicroStrategy President and CFO Phong Le will lead the respective presentations and talks, but they have brought on board top-class discussion partners who are among the largest companies in the industry.

For example, Vince Kwok from the Binance executive suite is one of the invited guests. Grayscale boss Michael Sonnenshein, Paxos CEO and founder Charles Cascarilla and Kraken boss Jesse Powell are also on board. Other companies represented in presentations: Galaxy Digital, Gemini, Genesis, Coinbase, NYDIG and Fidelity.